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Please call us for a quote on any of the services listed for your pets!!


~Bath & Brush~   ~Clips & Cuts~

Did Rover roll in something smelly?

Is Harry's hair leaving tumbleweeds on the hardwood floors?

Do you just need to freshen up between Pumpkin's next haircut?

Then a full bath and brush is what you need!!

Service includes bath, blowdry, nails and ears if necessary and a brushout! If shedding profusely we do everything we can to remove excess undercoat leaving the mess with us and not on your sofa!


Is your dog looking like your house mop? Cousin It? Rastafarian Rascal? Or maybe just a bit scruffier than usual? Sounds like it's time for a Full Groom!

Service includes bath, blowdry, nails and ears if necessary and the haircut of your choice (provided it is safe and doable on your dog (See FAQs for info on matting!))

We do recommend upkeep appointment of 6-8 weeks on your pooch depending on coat and haircut! We'll talk with you more about maintenance at your appointment!!


~Teeth Brushing~   ~Hot Spots~

Stinky breath? Bleeding gums? Yucky build up on the teeth? Time for a teeth cleaning!

We offer everything from teethbrushing to gumcare to breath freshening treatments.


Does your dog get round sores (hotspots)? Let us help heal those with our Hot Spot Aid Cream, that will not only help heal it quickly but will aid in the regrowth of hair in those rough spots.

~Ear Cleaning~   ~Wound Care~

Does your pet get lots of ear infections? Do they have dirty or smelly ears? Let us help keep those ears clean and save you from the expensive vet bills!

  Let us help care for your pets wounds. We can help keep it clean and help with any bandages and re-wraps.


~Soft Paw Application~   ~Skin Care~

Let us do the work! We can get your kitty all set up with Soft Paws. Save your furniture and floors to curtains. A great aid!

  Let us help evaluate skin irritations. Let our products help your fido live better daily!


~Nail Trims~   ~Conditioning Treatments~

As part of our service back to the community, we provide FREE nail trims to all our regulars between appointments. We also offer nail trimming for walk-ins at a low rate as well.

  For those pets that need a little bit extra because they have dry coats.


~Blowouts~   ~Sanitary Clips~

This is to help get out that undercoat or for the dogs that are shedding really badly.

  We offer this for pets that just need that in-between touchup.



~Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning~

Check out our teeth cleaning page for more information!