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~Teeth Cleaning~

Sign up for our non-anesthetic dentals to get your pet's teeth clean & healthy without the use of anesthesia. Our Aloe Vera spray, Shed the Red, will help keep those teeth and gums healthy between dentals. Dentals are vet supervised.

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Non-Anesthetic Dentals





Shed the Red!
Advanced Oral Health Spray


~Dental Services~

1) Teeth Brushing
2) Teeth brushing with polish and breath freshener
3) Gum Conditioner
4) Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning - Vet Supervised


Red gums? Bleeding? Plaque and tartar build up? Or are you just looking to prolong your dentals and freshen your dog's breath?

Aloe vera is a natural deodorizer!
Our oral health spray helps to reduce redness, swelling and irratation of the gums, as well as bacteria in mouth. Keeping gingivitis at bay as well as build up on the teeth. Combined with at home brushing or an in-salon teeth cleaning it can help lengthen the time in-between your pet's dentals.

Our spray is proven effective and has a 100% money back guarantee!
Now that's something to smile about!!