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~About Our Groom Room Staff~

Shanan (Owner)

Shanan's first experience with showing and breeding began with a Siberian Husky named "Whiskey", who was bought from a breeder by her husband. After looking into local shows, Shanan's ambition for the breed grew; she purchased her first show dog, "Khari" from a show dog breeder and had finished the dog in less than two years. From there, she pursued her show career for more than 18 years, and became one of the top breeders and show dog handlers in Colorado.

As the reputation of her dogs grew, so did the demand for specialized care and maintenance. She built a show dog grooming facility on her property, and began to prep her dogs for show at home. It was here that she developed her skills as a master groomer. She learned the standards for each breed, and conquered the art of show grooming. Word of her expertise brought clients from both the show world and pet owners alike, and she was soon grooming on a full time basis.

Shanan's Philosophy:

Here at The Groom Room I care about what we have to spend to take care of our pets. I try to make grooming affordable and pleasant to my dogs and their owners. I give all my dogs free nails trims as long as they are clients here. It's my thank you to the community for taking care of us all this time!

I have a safe, clean, comfortable environment in a country setting. We have reasonable prices, caring staff and great products.

The Groom Room is the only place you should go and your pets will agree!

~~~Our K-9 Stylist~~~

Sam (Stylist Assistant)

Sam is our helper and resident Junior Handler having gone to several dog shows recently with one of Takhari's own Samoyeds "Theadora" or as she is also known as Theadorable! She also helps with styling because she does a great job with her own dogs!